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Passenger & Baggage Services
Middle East Airlines Provides reliable, efficient and cost-effective passenger, VIP, cargo, ramp and technical support services
Passenger & Baggage ServicesPassenger & Baggage Services
From passenger support to boarding - Our services are organized to meet all your ground handling needs and aim to provide friendly and competent service using latest systems and applications : CUTE platform, CLF( Common Language Facility) and DCS ( Departure Control System).

We offer :
  • Passenger acceptance
  • Check-in Services
  • Arrival and Transfer Services
  • Gate Services
  • Ticketing /Sales Desk
  • Special care Services
  • Cedar Lounge Services
  • KIOSK check-in with baggage drop services
  • Baggage processes
  • Web Check-in

Since the aviation industry nowadays is witnessing a huge growth in the number of passengers and an equal obligation to reduce costs, the area of technical solutions have become a necessity that Ground handlers cannot ignore. This is why MEAG have already implemented the following:
  • KIOSK check-in with baggage drop
  • Bar-coded boarding passes
  • Currently working on Self-Service Lost &Found for reporting of lost baggage
  • Baggage services Interactive Voice response and automated SMS

"Safe baggage ..on time"
Rapid and trouble-free baggage handling is one of the key functions of MEAG's baggage services section. With over 20,000 pieces of luggage handled on a daily basis and with the help of our modern baggage handling and security technology (Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS)) , we efficiently process departing, arriving and transfer baggage within minimum time frames.

For greater customer confidence in our commitment to excellence ,we strive to work determinedly with both our customer airlines and airport authorities to seek ongoing improvements in the baggage handling. For this reason we already have in place the international baggage tracing system (World Tracer) and an internet-based online baggage tracing module that allows passengers to track the status of their misdirected luggage .