We Offer VIP Lounge Service

Government Lounge at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport.

Main Features

Performing all Government formalities, Baggage Security, Customs and Passport Control while you are comfortably relaxing in the Lounge
Settling all related payments including Government charges.
Personalized check-in and baggage handling for departing Passengers.
Meeting and assisting arriving Passengers and securing their baggage to the Lounge.
Providing a Luxury car with a driver on arrival and departure.

How to get service

MEA sales offices, In addition that located in BRHIA
VIP service section at Airport (Contacts)
Online using MEA & MEAG websites

How to reach us

Mobile: 70 626 700
Landline: 01 626 700
E-mail: vip.services@meag.com.lb
Arrival Service

1 to 3 Passengers

$ 500

Arrival Service

4 to 5 Passengers

$ 625

Terms & Conditions

The service shall be requested at least 6 hours prior to the departure or arrival of the flight,
According to the airport regulations, the lounge facility is available for one hour.
The passenger shall report to VIP Lounge one hour before the departure of the flight.
The baggage may be sent 2 hours prior departure.
Passenger shall identify his baggage before it is forwarded to Aircraft.
This service is non-refundable nor transferrable.