Cargo Services

Cargo Center is built on 20,645m2 landsite with hanger height over 12m.
Safe, secure, clean and covered warehouse space with latest warehousing technology.
Maximized utilization of vertical warehouse space.
Office space for MEAG, Customs and other partners;
Power Supply: A powerhouse in area of 510m2 that includes 4 generators supplying 6,000KVA. This is in addition to a state of the art UPS system and solar system of 2MW of power.


15 cold stores of a volume of 3300m3, including space for RKN plugs , are available at different temperature ranges for perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, meat, fruits and vegetables. 

  • State of the art cargo handling systems including Mobile Data Management(MDM)
  • A new system i-cargo –IBS 
  • Cargo retrieval and handling
  • Cargo Warehousing
  • Palletizing
  • Documentation Handling
  • Inventory Control 
  • Cargo Transport to/from Aircraft
  • Dangerous Goods Handling 
  • Track & Trace
  • ULD Build-Up and Breakdown
  • Freight Storage Services Of All Kinds
  • Handling Of Valuable Freight
  • Handling Perishable Good
  • Process controls that will minimize lost/damage cargo.
  • Handling of Post Office mail.
  • About $1.5M worth of equipment, such as: 
  • Ten hydraulic docking systems for loading/unloading accepting any truck and container size
  • Articulated forklifts and other material handling equipment.
  • 4 export scales at 10-tons capacity each integrated with cargo system.
  • Two 20-tons capacity scale at ramp/airside.
  • Pharmaceutics area with dedicated cold storage covering all temperature ranges


  • Surveillance system-CCTV: 360 cameras with advanced technology.
  • Access control system throughout the facility.
  • Two dual-view large screening machines and two explosive trace devices (ETD).
  • Designated and controlled storage space at export area for Europe cargo.
  • Dedicated Dangerous Goods (DG) area and Vulnerable Cargo area.
  • Two fully enclosed and secured Valuable Rooms.
  • A dedicated radioactive material area specially enclosed and sealed
  • Fire Protection throughout the facility
  • Dedicated Security Force
  • MEAG Cargo Center is TAPA certified