Cedar Lounge

Cedar Lounge extends over an area of 3000 sq.m. with a capacity of 450 seated passengers newly designed to complement the contemporary traveler.


Seating is now more defined in its zones according to the needs of each type of visitor,

individual zone, family zone, business area, a dining zone ,a smoking zone, a kids’ area, a spa with beauty services and massage therapy, and a central sky-lit more casual communal green space linking all the zones equipped with the latest state of the art technologies, and finest designer furniture selection.

To keep the traveler connected, the seats are equipped with USB charging ports and power outlets, large screens of the latest resolution and smart technology, as well as other screens indicating departure times visible to every area. The lounge also hosts a sensor-equipped dimmable lighting system technology which changes color according to the amount of light coming in from the outside.

Distinguished food is attainable from two large buffet bars served by a large newly-equipped industrial kitchen. The buffet bars spread out would amount to around 25 linear meters of food. In addition, beverages are obtained from 4 coffee stations, and 2 alcoholic beverage bars spread out evenly across the lounge.

Beirut Lounge

An Elegant lounge comprises smoking and a non-smoking zones that can seat 95 visitors . Relaxing high quality leather couches ,Free Wi-Fi, TV sets and a screen displaying flights’ info, are available.
Visitors can enjoy bites , sandwiches snacks ,Lebanese sweets and fruits, hot drinks and an open bar.